NPF policy commission work plans

Each of the six National Policy Forum (NPF) policy commissions will meet throughout summer 2022 to discuss a variety of topics as part of an agreed work plan. 

The topics are set out below.

 A green and digital future

- Green jobs

- Green skills

- Labour in power

 Better jobs and better work

- Flexible working

- Technology and work

- Self-employment

- Co-ops and work

 Safe and secure communities

- June 2022: Early intervention and prevention

- June 2022: Crime and policing

- June 2022: Courts, prisons and probation

 Public services that work from the start

- May 2022: Education, children and young people

- June 2022: Health and mental health services

- June 2022: Social care

 A future where families come first 

- May 2022: Cost of living 

- May 2022: Housing security 

- June 2022: Childcare and early years

 Britain in the world

- June 2022: International development 

- June 2022: Democracy promotion

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