Labour's Policy Review: Feeding the Nation

Creating a resilient, growing food industry

Food will be one of the major challenges of the 21st Century. The world will need to feed 8 billion people by 2025. Lack of access to land and water and the changing weather are putting pressure on the global food system. In the UK rising food prices and stagnant wages have created a cost of living crisis and growing food insecurity.

A rising population, climate change and water stress will affect how the UK produces its food. We must grow more affordable food, more efficiently, waste less and with less damage to the environment.

Creating a resilient food supply chain will be at the core of Labour’s food strategy: creating a supply chain that consumers trust; driving jobs and growth; and ensuring a sustainable farming sector in the UK.

Download Feeding the Nation: Creating a resilient, growing food industry - and let our Living Standards and Sustainability Policy Commission know what you think.

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