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Over the past four years, we have received and considered submissions made via this website to the Agenda 2015 process. These submissions have helped to shape our policy agenda and ultimately, our Manifesto, Britain can be better.

We will begin a new cycle of policy development work in the new Parliament. 

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You can read anything on the site without registering and logging on, but to be able to comment and make submissions for yourself, CLP or organisation, you will need to log on first.  If you are a member of the Labour Party, you do not have to register -just use your username and password from Membersnet.  If you are not a member, you will have to first register using the button on the top right-hand corner of the website and follow the instructions.

Policy Consultation Documents   

The Labour Party’s final year policy consultation process is now complete. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to Labour’s policy consultation. Following the consultation period, the papers were discussed and finalised at a meeting of the National Policy Forum in July 2014, after which they were adopted at Labour’s Annual Conference as our policy programme and formed the foundation of the Labour Party Manifesto 2015. You can read the Labour Party Manifesto 2015 here. 

What's a submission?

A submission is simply your input into Labour's policy development process. Submissions which are made here on Your Britain go forward to meetings of bodies called Policy Commissions. You can read more about Labour's Policy Commissions here. Wherever you see the 'Make a submission' button, you can tell us what you think about the subject matter at hand. Submissions can be made in response to challenge papers and policy documents, or, if none of the papers cover the subject you're interested in, you can make a submission on any subject of your choosing. Just have a look at the Policy Commissions page, choose the one which is responsible for the area you're interested in, and click on it to go through to its page.

How to make a submission

Making a submission is straightforward – just complete the text fields as directed.

Submissions to Your Britain should ideally be no more than 600 words, which is the maximum allowed in the submission text field. However, if you want to add a longer submission or some supporting information, you can attach a file using the button directly under the text input field.

Please type your submission directly into the text box - or remove any formatting before copying first and then pasting. Certain types of formatting can cause submissions to appear corrupted on the website.

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